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SABŌ Japanese Oragnic Teas


SABŌ is a brand-new Japanese tea label.
Organic teas carefully selected by Makio McDonald, are either non-caffeine or very low in caffeine, making it perfect for those who are pregnant or can not take caffeines.

Soba Cha
Roasted buckwheat tea. It has a mild smoky flavour. No Caffeine.

Mugi Cha
This organic barley tea has been gently roasted at a low temperature to enhance its mild flavour. No Caffeine. *Brew it fro five minutes or longer.

Sannen Bancha
Organic Sannen Bancha is the stem of the tea plant which has been picked only after three years. It is then slowly roasted over a wood burning fire. After which it is rested for over 6 months. It is warming tea. Very Very Low Caffeine.

Bancha has been left unpicked over the harsh winter month and is harvested in the spring. This organic tea is then roasted in an iron pot. It is a fresh tea with an earthy aroma. Very Low Caffeine.

Naturally grown with no fertiliser. This Hojicha is made by roasting Sencha at a very high temperature. It has an easy to drink smoky aroma and taste. Very Low Caffeine.